Next Door at NORCAL-EV.COM’s Machine Shop/Garage

Next door to the Rhino Shelter is an old unused, one car garage…after many hours of cleaning and organizing it is now a pretty cool little work space.  Here is a Time Lapse video of me hanging up the LED shop lights.

I have a Traffic Safety sign project that I promised to myself I would finish before I jack up the VW Bug and start tearing her apart.  More on that next.

Thanks for watching!

Branding…you bet!

I just received the final version of NORCAL-EV.COM’s new logo from my super talented nephew Kyle R. McFadden (look him up on where he is quicky gaining a solid reputation for his quality work).

Here it is…


…hats, shirts, etc. in the works…back to the build…this weekend we (my 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son) will be jacking (the kids will get to press the button…video to follow) up the bug with our new  I can’t wait…need to remember to loosen the wheel lug nuts while she is on the ground…one of the 10,000 things I will be learning on this journey.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.



Donor Vehicle has been purchased!

After perusing for weeks I found my donor vehicle.  She is a 1974 VW Super Beetle.  I purchased her from Bruce K. (owner of in San Jose, CA).

Bruce was kind enough to sell me the car (at a discount) without the engine which saved me time and money in the long run.  The car was a daily driver and operational prior to the engine being removed.

Here is a short video of the bug at San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning.  It was a beautiful day in Northern California…perfect day to clean up the underside of the bug.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!




Nor Cal EV’s Garage Part 1

Hello EV Friends:

Sold the boat…time to start the e-bug conversion I have been talking about for the past 2+ years…super stoked to get going.  Below are some fun little time-lapse videos of me constructing steel frame for’s official conversion shop.



When finished it will be a 12′ W X 20′ L X 8′ H portable garage…tan in color…it will look like this but with a way cooler ev inside:

rhino shelter image 1

That’s it for now…goal is to get the front/rear doors and main cover on this week…yes, I will post time-lapse video of the process.

Thanks for joining me on the ev ride!