Next Door at NORCAL-EV.COM’s Machine Shop/Garage

Next door to the Rhino Shelter is an old unused, one car garage…after many hours of cleaning and organizing it is now a pretty cool little work space.  Here is a Time Lapse video of me hanging up the LED shop lights.

I have a Traffic Safety sign project that I promised to myself I would finish before I jack up the VW Bug and start tearing her apart.  More on that next.

Thanks for watching!

2 thoughts on “Next Door at NORCAL-EV.COM’s Machine Shop/Garage

    1. rfenchel Post author

      Hi Wm, thank you for your message…yes, project is moving along…have kind of moved over project postings, etc. to my Instagram account. My apologies for not notifying on my site. I need to do that.

      I have had back issues over past 18 months, growing my business and spending time with family…E-Volksrod project has been on back burner a bit. Instragram username is norcaldashevdotcom

      Are you working on a conversion? Please share.

      Ryan F.



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